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October 24, 2011
Make Me Beautiful
A Makeup Review

Day 1 of Mary Kay Regiment

I received a three day sample of Mary Kay TimeWise 3-in-1 cleanser and Age-fighting Moisturizer and will be testing it out over the next three days.

My regular skin regiment involves Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild – Dry Combination (morning), Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Restoring Cream, and Clinique All About Eyes Serum Depuffing.

I’m definitely a fan of exfoliants in face wash. My Clinique Facial Soap has none, but my Biore Scrub is filled with them. In comparison, Mary Kay Timewise Cleanser has about 70% less than Biore, so I feel like I have to spend more time scrubbing my face. While rinsing off the cleanser, both my face and hands felt pretty filmy – an odd sensation…

The Mary Kay moisturizer felt very light and absorbed quickly, but my face did feel a little dry an hour later and I felt like I had to put more moisturizer on. Clinique Moisturizing Gel does feels more greasy than Mary Kay and a bit heavier.

So let’s talk about my face! I’ve been pretty stressed lately with the amount of workload I have to work through in three days, so I have been breaking out. I have about three small zits on my cheeks and one big zit on my left cheek. My lip area is dotted with a bunch of tiny whiteheads from all the greasy KFC I’ve been smearing down my throat and little blackheads dot my nose. My whiteheads heal in about two weeks and big zits take about three weeks with my normal skin regiment.

Also, without the right moisturizer, I have fine lines around my mouth – laugh lines.

Let’s see what Mary Kay can do compared to my regular stuff!

So…I’m not gonna post another picture of my face, because (according to the camera) I look the same. I’ll be needing a better camera or a better photographer to capture the difference TimeWise made!

There WAS something very different with this new skin treatment from Mary Kay. It was definitely trying to change my skin chemistry… in good ways and bad. Using the products for four days, I noticed that it did move the healing process of new zits along more quickly. The big pimple reduced in swollenness by 50-60% and the little ones flattened out completely. I also noticed the “laugh lines” had faded.

Now, the bad…my face always felt constantly dry, itchy, and kinda burny – enough for me to want to scratch my face constantly or to slather on more moisturizer. I can definitely tell the products were trying to drastically change my face chemistry way too quickly, which can result in big rashes and more pimples if I continued using the products (usually the result from past experiences with new products). Small rashes were already forming along my jawline on the right side (oh so itchy!). Normally, I wouldn’t classify my skin type as sensitive, so I have to say TimeWise is a “harsh” product.

If I were to continue with TimeWise, I wouldn’t be able to confirm if it was right for me until 3 months of use, which would give me enough time for my skin to adapt to the new treatment. Unfortunately, I’m more afraid of the rashes spreading, so I’m returning to my old stuff.


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